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Antonio the Explorer
Art Stories

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Physical Hobbies or Spiritual Energy !

         What is Art ?
         Art as source of Hope !

         What is Art ?
         Art, the act of drawing a picture with your hands.
         Art, the act of painting a picture with a brush.
         Art, the act of taking a picture with a camera.
         Art, the act of writing a story with your mind.
         Art, the act of being creative with any body parts;
         were once cherish talents that human being were
         very proud to do.
         but in the hard financial times of the early 21st century,
         Art has turn into a casual hobby that is valued only if you
         are rich, pretty or extremely lucky.
         with public schools downgrading art to a meaningless subject,
         ordinary children, kids who are not geniuses or gifted athletes,
         have nothing to look forward to except a life of poverty .
         or living a life always in want of basic human needs.
 ATE on Great Whale Beach

         Art as source of Hope !
         Art can be compared to the Lottery, being an active participant
         give you a chance to escape a life of poverty.
         while the financial blessing of being an artist could be great
         the true reward of being an artist is not the money you can
         make, but the spiritual activities they fulfill in your life.
         1. something to wake up for
         2. something to dream about
         3. a talent to work on
         4. a skill you can be proud
         5. but most of all, a spiritual tool that teaches you the

Principles of Faith
Patience Endurance Determination !

         the person blessed with a desire to work on Art Projects,
         is a person with something positive to wake up too and has
         many things to be hopeful for.


         Antonio the Explorer Art Projects List!

         while the art project below has not given me any financial rewards,
         i am grateful Almighty God has lead me in the path he did.
         the path i was forced to travel taught me a lot about the

"Principles of Faith"
the greatest power on
Heaven and Earth !

         in reading the authors remember the words, grammar and pictures
         are secondary to the fact that he finished his projects and
         gave him a little more mastery of the Secrets of Faith !
         please enjoy my stories, prayer and websites below !
         Antonio the Explorer - Art Story List !

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